What Is A Cheap Proxy?

A reasonable question to be asking yourself at this stage, but because this note needs to be short and swift, one angle is provided as a motivational explanation to encourage you to use the technology and the service provider bringing it to you. Think of it this way then. Numerous great wars have been fought throughout history. Win or lose, many lives were lost, perhaps most of them innocent and unnecessary. And in the last century alone, two great wars were fought. It could be argued that even if brave men and their leaders had the desire to safeguard as many lives as possible, they could do little to prevent the slaughter of millions.

A case of never let this happen again became the mantra of global leaders, but even so, because the hunger for power and dominance and influence remains strong, proxy wars continue to be fought. While pockets of conflicts continue unabated around the globe, no less than two or three global superpowers continue to pull the strings behind the scenes. You could just say that there has been a battle of influence across the World Wide Web, ironically originally created to serve military purposes.

While billions of citizens around the world have free use of a multitude of web pages and social media platforms, they continue to have that sense of fear that they are never entirely safe. Having a cheap proxy helps them with that. It is to the advantage of many cash strapped consumers who do not have the resources to take up the exemplary services provided by IT experts. And there is still no guarantee that their sterling work will safeguard their clients and give them the sought after privacy of use.

cheap proxy

But the online proxy technology does that. And because the tech is still relatively new to most consumers, the provider of the services has its army of consultants always standing by to assist customers on a twenty four seven basis. This is great because no longer can big daddy be watching you. Now, you can do pretty much as you please without ever having to look behind your back or worry if your assets are safe. 

You are quite literally the invisible man.