6 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Quinoa

Pronounced keen-wah, quinoa is labeled as a superfood because it contains just about everything a person needs to maintain adequate nutrition. It is super easy to prepare and versatile enough to enjoy at any meal. These common facts about Quinoa are probably those you already know, but the six below may not be so common knowledge. Use this information to expand your Quinoa knowledge.

1.    You Can Buy Quinoa Online

When you want to know where to buy quinoa, start online. There are many places that sell Quinoa online and when you do your research, you can find the best of them.  It is easy to learn where to buy quinoa with just a bit of research.

2.    Rinse Before Cooking

The taste of quinoa may not be so pleasant if you do not take the time to rinse it off before you start cooking. Although some quinoa is pre-washed, it is better to go ahead and perform a quick wash yourself to be safe and to reduce the bitterness that could be there is the food is not washed properly.

3.    An Abundance of Varieties

More than 120 different types of quinoa are out there. The two that you see most often is red Quinoa and traditional quinoa, to expand your horizons and experience a bigger variety, shop online!

4.    Tastes Great

No one wants to eat food that tastes bad. Sadly, many people believe that health foods taste bad but that is not the case with quinoa. There are many ways to prepare it any time and it tastes great no matter how it is prepared.

5.    Easy to Cook

You do not need to be a chef to cook Quinoa. It is easy enough that even a child could prepare it. And, it only takes about 15-minutes to prepare so you will not spend a great amount of time in the kitchen cooking.

where to buy quinoa

6.    Beneficial to Your Life

You want to improve your health. Start in the kitchen with the foods that you eat. Quinoa is a great superfood that you will enjoy eating and as result, may reduce risk of health conditions and diseases. Plus, you will always feel your very best.

It is time to change the way you do things in the kitchen and update the cupboards. Quinoa is a great food that can change your health for the better. What more do you need to add it to your diet?