Warning Lights Ahead On Vaping


If you have been a regular or habitual smoker for most of your life, you might need to be reminded to try again to give up smoking. Your life remains in danger. The habit of vaping is not entirely a new concept but thanks to the internet, this trendy habit is being picked up by trendy and regular online visitors. Because you are from the old school the process of vaping needs to be explained briefly before proceeding onto its so-called warning lights. Because as pleasurable and less damaging this habit will be, there are still a few health issues that need sharing.

In the interim, it can be explained, briefly, why vaping is a whole lot better than the regular smoking of tobacco of any form. The process of vaping does include a modicum use of nicotine. But those who wish to avoid nicotine altogether can also vape accordingly. No tobacco or paper is used. What is used is an electronic device, commonly known as an e-cigarette. This cigarette is a permanent and sustainable feature of this new, trendy and, to a degree, healthy habit.

The implement and process is sustainable because only one device is being used. There is no disposal of pollutants, such as ash, paper and filters. Depending on how regular the vaping habit is, the e-cigarette holder or device could last a lifetime. E-liquid solutions or rather, the use thereof, are also sustainable. At any one time, not much of the solution needs to be utilized. This is the case whether a vape is going to be languorously long or just for a brief moment or two.

Vaping gives consumers choice. Fortunately, there is not much interference from the health authorities. Consumers can choose to vape with nicotine. Or they can choose to vape with no nicotine whatsoever. Fortunately, again, where nicotine is included to e-liquid solutions, it is substantially less to the content found in conventional cigarettes with tobacco. Health authorities are not in a position to enforce legislation restricting the habit of vaping because at this point in time, not enough evidence exists that the practice is extremely dangerous to the (previous) smoker’s life.

But it’s coming, of that you can be certain. In the meantime, if you have been a habitual smoker all your life, now is a good time to take up the new habit of vaping and enjoy it while your lung health is given a chance to improve. Because you are still essentially smoking, there will still be health issues. Pregnant women are warned not to vape. The smoke can still cause harm to the unborn child. People in extremely poor health or severely ill are advised not to take up this habit. In this category are those who have heart disease or diabetes.

Even if you are in a reasonably good state of health, you should still exercise caution. It is sensible to moderate your habit. Too much of a good thing can still be bad for your health.