Why Are All These Scary Games So Scary To Play?

We’ll give you one guess. And then it’s over to you to find out for yourself. You’ll need to go directly to scary online places like the scariestmazegames.com to find out. And then you can come back to us and let us know what you found out. Too scared to do this right now? Never mind, we’ll take a quick peek for you so long. And don’t be scared because no-one’s going to catch you out and stuff like that. It’s all neat and above board and legal. While we’re about it, we need to quickly tell you why we think all these crazy games are so scary to play. We think they’re scary to play because they’re just so darn difficult to work out.

Maybe that’s because we’re still old school. We’re still stuck on the original scariest maze game. And while we’re still there, we’re still stuck on the first maze. But don’t you worry, soon we’ll get there. Soon we’ll be able to level up and get onto the second maze. And then after that, only one more maze to get through and finish the game. That could happen in the next century or so. Geez, it takes hours to play this game. But not for you lot. Most of you reading this now are already very much into your gaming. Some of you are already up to the next series of the scariest games. We are in awe of you if you’ve got this far.

Maybe we should pay scariestmazegames.com another visit.

Or what do you think? Good idea or what. While we’re back there, maybe we can learn how to master the tricks and tools and settings this time. And maybe it won’t be taking us hours to play this darn game. Because we’d like to try out all those other scary games too. The thing about this gaming addiction is that you ain’t going nowhere until you’ve mastered the first, second, and then third maze. Maybe that’s a good thing. We’re not about to give up. You can relate to that, right. Anyway, for the lot of you, here’s just some of those other games you can look forward to playing.

There’s something called Pencil Panic Extreme. You need two marbles to move your way through the maze. For us, that sounds rather hard. We can barely keep our own marbles together at this time. Then again, those website pros say the game is pretty tough to play anyhow. But you’re all up to this challenge, so good luck to you.

And if you like things sweet, you might like the Aqua Labyrinth. But the mermaid’s mazes are said to be ‘mind-bending’ affairs. Yet another challenge.  If you’re nutty or dotty like us, you might like Hopsa Pop. You can simply blow your mind by hopping and popping your way through this daft and crazy game.


It’s all good and scary. It’s crazy stuff indeed.